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(text post by @ god-decim on tumblr) #klance #voltron #voltronlegendarydefender…"
Good @Voltron team. #klance
Soul Mates - Klance fanfiction {Voltron Legendary Defenders} Lance x Keith Laith - Ch10 Aftermath - Wattpad
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this shot is interesting. they're not standing on level ground. lance standing higher may implicate that he will move on from allura in season 8.
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Many Voltron fans know and ship " Klance ," a fantasized relationship between protagonists Keith and Lance. Essentially, Klance14 is demanding that the ...
How one fandom's desire for bisexual representation reflects larger queer issues in media.
[repost] for klance week on tumblr!! (prob won't post them to tumblr tho-) day 1's theme is red/blue! it starts today (aug 4) and ends on the 10th (wed) I ...
I made some Allura x Lance sketches for a friend (Clairelutra on Tumblr and Ao3)! It's a cute ship that I hadn't really considered before ^^ #Voltron ...
When Lance successfully keeps their side of Voltron stable, Keith changes track, complimenting Lance in earnest. He also goes on to back Lance up concerning ...
Just in case the Klance Reunion Hug doesn't happen, here is one.
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Keith smiling at Lance.
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(1/2) expression challenge requests from tumblr everyone was asking for langst wtf
... Peace AU | Speed PAINT: Here | (ノ´ヮ´)
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AT LAST, I FINISHED IT (It's a fem!lance au, where Lance became a girl. But Keith knows Lance was a guy. This is prob part one lol)
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I'm surprised that I haven't found any Motorcycle AU for the Voltron/Klance Fandom. Therefore, I bring you this 2 Quiznackboys, Where Lance Rocks hard a ...
Klance Crack & Funny Moments
Galra Keith protecting Altean Lance ❤ • Haven't been able to post for
by Rainbow Lion Dubs · Space Suits (Voltron Comic!Klance)
Don't ship it but cute 🌹 ☆ Credit to the artist|| Noiceboys
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GEt ThE ADoptION pApERS READY • Credit: huffleduffle on tumblr • Tags: # klance
I couldn't help myself!!!! Here's Victurri as Voltron paladins (specifically Klance😉)
I didn't know I wanted this until now . . #klance #klancevoltron #lance #keith #voltron #pidge #shir | Klance (@superspacegaysklance) - MyStalk
If Lance really was behind the camera then that means Keith was yelling at him about the Vol-tron thing 😂
Put this on tumblr but forgot to put it here whoops #voltron #klance…"
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Jon Bellion - Guillotine (Klance - Art By Elentori)
There was a tumblr post mentioning a AU in Voltron where Lance is put in a healing pod while the Galra have control of it and the dark quintessence(?) turns ...
Pride post for the gang (also I don't comment on trans Pidge. Oh yeah happy pride month^ • art by catneylang on tumblr • #klance #
I feel you Lance . . . Credit to laterpaladudeswheee on Tumblr . . . 《If you don't want me to repost your ideas, please DM me so I can take it of》 .
Keith The Holy Bean I haven't listen klance in forever 😂 • • • Voltron Military AU
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part 1/2 ° · ✧ textpost by bittenred on tumblr ✧ ·
I don't say it enough but I fucking love Pidge she's amazing - [🌸Credit: myeverlastingship on Tumblr🌸] [🌸TV show: Voltron: Legendary Defender🌸]
CREDIT: @knightingalesong T^T T
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“Couldn't sleep,” Lance replied, taking hold of the bowl. “Bad dreams. Thanks for the save, by the way. What about you? Catch some bad dreams yourself?”
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... bitch i can't watch voltron because i don't have Netflix :(
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80's-voltron | Tumblr The beauty of this is that you won't know if its shallura and klance or sheith and lalurra
“why not join a team who thinks you're worth something?”
He can't stop being perfect : #voltron #vld #voltronlegendarydefender #keith
Lance & Keith - Bonding Time (Voltron) by onemerryjester
A soft commiss for the absolutely beautiful @fluffy-fanboy on tumblr . haven'
Keith and Lance (Klance)
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I want August to come but at the same time don't 😑 • • Credits: @ voltron-incorrect [tumblr] • • #voltron #keithkogane #voltronlegendarydefenders #alura .
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Socij on Twitter: "#klance inspired by this post # voltron… "
Miraculous/voltron crossover (part 1/4) Creds to gaiavil on tumblr °
; Fucking call him out Lance. Artist: @fivtoo Tumblr: fivtoo Please support the artist ☾ ⠀ #voltron | ⠀⠀⠀⠀- Spencer (@leafylance) - MyStalk
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"Voltron" Superfan Blackmails Studio To Get Gay Relationship In New Cartoon | NewNowNext
I'll be occasionally posting some of the VLD stuff from my new tumblr,
@starlight_allura. 💫 ✧ textpost by voltronincorrectquotes on tumblr ...
SHIRO: Hunk, Lance, hold us steady. -the tumblr logo crumples to the ground - HUNK AND PIDGE: The evil has been defeated! SHIRO: Finally I can experience ...
More depressed cant i stay credit to shiroheartneel tumblr follow sassy lancey lance for more tags
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YOU GUYS IM BACK FOR REAL I SWEAR HSHAHAHA - Credits to blueskylark-artblog on Tumblr Please support the artist ♥ - - - - - #lance #voltron #kieth #shiro ...
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... Bonding exercise❤ 💙 Credit to velart@tumblr #klance #voltron #voltronlegendarydefenders
Baby selkie!lance (I know this isn't technically what a selkie is
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