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Two new California Compliant AR15s are now available to
Two new California Compliant AR-15s are now available to Californian gun buyers, click to find out more and buy some ammo from our online ammunition store.
Discover the ways you can keep your AR-15 without registration from our Long Beach
What is a featureless AR-15? This diagram shows the features that are banned in states like California if your rifle is not registered as an assault weapon ...
Stag Arms 9mm AR-15
For Californians enjoying the Golden State's fine weather, fine women, and high taxes, the November, 2016 elections brought further complications to modern ...
Colt M4 Carbine 556mm NATO California Compliant
California Compliant AR Mod Kit
Not tired of California compliant product post yet? I hope not because here's another product for those stuck behind enemy lines in the Golden State, ...
My First Ar-15 (California Compliant) M&P15 Sport II Attachments and what I plan to do
CA compliant AR15: thordsen frs vs everything
FN announces two new Maryland-compliant rifles
A New Grip to Make Your AR15 California Legal
2. AR-15 with “Mag-lock”, Which mean You can have scary cosmetic like a Pistol-grip, Flash-hider, Adjustable Stock, Fore-grip but you can't change magazine ...
Ruger AR-556 AR-15 *CA Compliant* 223/5.56 16"
imgur users are generally very anti-gun anything. That's ok. As someone who votes blue on the national stage, I still fucking love guns. Hate me.
ARMaglock Ar-15 Fixed Magazine & Release Solution
For compliant AR-15s and affordable ammo, click to find both from our blog
Smith & Wesson is the latest company to offer California shooters an AR-style rifle that will comply with the latest set of state laws.
Thordsen stock customer service after I broke my FRS-15 AR15 CA legal
This is my brother's now California compliant "featureless" AR 15. (Discussion in comments) ...
New California Compliant AR-15
New California Compliant AR-15 from Elemental Arms
There are two schools of thought in the Golden State when it comes to California compliance with the AR-15.
Gun Policy
2017 Shot Show - 2017 LWRC California Compliant AR Rifle - MUST SEE!!! - YouTube
AR15 you can buy in California 2017 Smith and Wesson Sport 2
LWRCI California Compliant AR-15, REPR MK-II - SHOT Show 2017 Day 2 - YouTube
A California 'featureless' rifle with fixed stock, no pistol grip, muzzle brake
Gun Range Owner Reveals Secrets to Bypassing California's Upcoming AR-15 Ban
ARMSLIST - For Sale: AR15/10 Featureless California Compliant Grip
Field testing my new California Compliant AR15
Juggernaut Tactical showed off their new California Compliant stock at the 2017 SHOT Show. California passed laws requiring their residents to either ...
NEW California Compliant Rifle Grip (For Featureless AR-15) - $34.95
California new gun laws
Barrett REC7 DI 556mm NATO
Shown here are the Thordsen Customs California-legal FRS-15 rifle stock, buffer
Delton Sierra Mid-Length Ar15. Featureless for CA compliance. Option Zero fixed stock with 10rd mag reload, Griffin Arnament Linear Compensator.
Colt M4 Carbine 223 CA Legal
Shot Show 2017: New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California Legal AR-15 Receiver
As much as I would like to avoid discussing politics, the reality is politics influences the kinds of guns and gear that are available to us.
LWRC Previews CA-Compliant Magazine-Less AR
RUGER 8500 CA LEGAL AR556 AR-15 Rifle 5.56NATO 16'' barrel with installed grip wrap & HERA barrel cap (1) 10rd mag - FEATURELESS
Germany's HERA Arms work with LAN World for California legal rifle
Springfield Armory Saint AR15 556mm BCM Black
Please keep in mind that we are not lawyers, so we cannot offer legal advice. However, we do think the law is reasonably clear as it relates to ARs.
Springfield ...
... Company (LWRC) brought out a number of rifles and product enhancements this year at SHOT 2017. Possibly the biggest innovations are the California- legal ...
Battle Arms California Compliant AR-15, Vert Stock, PDW Lower - SHOT Show 2017 Day 2 - YouTube
California is a pretty big market for gun companies, but the state of California is making it harder for their citizens to own firearms. New laws have ...
Letter: California gun laws not as tough as people think – The Mercury News
Stag Arms Model 2 5.56mm/223 Rem NEW YORK SAFE ACT LEGAL fixed magazine
Cobalt's designers set out to make a more traditionally proportioned rifle; one that is more
AR MAGLOCK AR-15 (CA Compliant) Gen 2
In California you have two options to stay legal with your AR-15 and not register.
Take just one look at the history of arms development in this country and it becomes easy to see what I'm talking about.
California also has an issue with pistol grips on rifles. On the West Coast,
CompMag AR-15 CA-Compliant 10rd Fixed Magazine
Aero Precision is known for quality, which is why Armalite has used their parts in some of their rifles in the past. This AR15 uses Aero's M4E1 lower, ... : Ultimate Arms Gear Featureless Kydex Paddle Slip On Wrap Wraparound CA Compliant Legal AR/AK Adapter For Magpul MOE : Sports & Outdoors
Expanded California Assault Weapon Ban Leaves Thousands Of Gun Owners In Limbo « CBS San Francisco
Armalite California Compliant SPR Mod-1 - New Gun Review - GunsAmerica Digest
The Patriot Pin for California
CA Compliant Featureless Build
CA Compliant Rifle Lock for AR15 & AR10
Strike Industries Megafin Featureless Grip
In this April 10, 2013 file photo, craftsman Veetek Witkowski holds a newly assembled AR-15 rifle at the Stag Arms company in New Britain, Conn, Wednesday, ...
California Compliant AR Mod Kit
California Compliant AR Mod Kit
Franklin Armory is well known for pushing the envelope and creating some outside the box products that skirt the law to some degree. Take their Reformation.
Springfield Armory Saint AR15 556mm BCM Black
Handleitgrips Gun Grip Tape Wrap for AR-15 California Compliant Featureless Grip
The main benefit to building a featureless rifle is that you can have a detachable magazine, it's still limited to ten rounds. A featureless rifle also ...
CA compliant featureless AR15 rifles. Thordsen FRS15 with enhanced kit in FDE on the left. Fixed Magpul Carbine stock and kydex fin on the right, ...
This rifle is featureless and does not meet the definition of an "assault weapon"
Picture of How to Convert a 30-Round Magpul PMAG M3 AR-15 Magazine ...
Hera Arms CQR Featureless Stock California Version ...
How an 'ugly,' unwanted weapon became the most popular rifle in America