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Leatherman SURGE Mod Leatherman t EDC Edc tools
Leatherman Surge, mod. Leatherman Surge, mod Edc ...
X-acto blade mod for leatherman surge
Leatherman (New) Surge eyeglass screwdriver mod - The Mod Squad -
Texas Tool Crafters Leatherman Mods
My Spyderco Endura 4 (two years EDC) and Leatherman Wave (1.5 years EDC) ...
Leatherman SURGE Mod. Leatherman SURGE Mod Construction Tools, Garage Tools, Edc ...
leatherman surge modifications
... handle and various big blades for it that I plan to try out, just haven' t gotten around to drilling a pivot in the scalpel and cutting it off to fit.
Monday, August 22, 2011
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Jigsaw Blade Holder (LM Wave/Charge Multitools) 3d printed
Next, I continued a struggle I've been having for years with an old Leatherman Charge XTi that I acquired from somewhere, sometime.
Leatherman Surge Screwdriver Modification
Picture of Leatherman Sidekick Driver Bit Mod
Leatherman Surge, mod. Leatherman Surge, mod Edc ...
Leatherman President's Everyday Carry
Didn't make the scissors lock open, wasn't needed since in use you press them toward open, and hold them there. I did move the pivot up so they could be cut ...
EDC Review: Leatherman Surge
For many EDCers, Leatherman needs no introduction. The multi-tool maker has been covering bases and getting things done with their impressive array of tools ...
Choosing Multi Tools
DIY bit extender/adapter for Leatherman wave ...
This frankenstein mod might just be the most genious one I've seen on a leatherman.
Modding Leatherman Wave
10 year old leatherman wave. Daily carry.
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Leatherman MUT File mod
Leatherman - MUT Multitool, Black with MOLLE Black Sheath
Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool Cutting Wire
Finally, I decided to fit the bit driver left over from the Charge XTi mod described above to another Leatherman Kick in place of the two flat-head ...
An exquisit custom Swiss Army Knife by
Leatherman Surge - A tank of a tool, strong, reliable, great outside access. It's just too heavy for regular EDC. Also I'm not a fan of the exchangeable ...
Leatherman Wave Mod. (Rebar pliers and Awl) - Album on Imgur
EDC Leatherman Charge TTi Firestarter Mod
A later version with a external Leatherman bit driver(shown with my first Wave mod, The Swift IIA)
Spyderco Techno Knife Side. What is EDC ...
... Texas Tool Crafters Leatherman Mods ...
Leatherman Bit Extender
An ordinary Leatherman wave ...
Leatherman Raptor Tools and knives Orange / Black Accessories,leatherman surge mods,Wholesale online
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Leatherman Juice CS4 Tools and knives Grey Accessories,vast selection,best leatherman for camping,Exclusive Deals. leatherman wave mods ...
Leatherman stainless steel micra multi-tool in hand, cutting cardboard with scissor tool
Leatherman Tool Mods
LEATHERMAN - Signal Multitool, Stainless Steel (FFP)
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Leatherman rev multi-tool closed, stainless steel
Pocket Dump: Leatherman Inventor Shows All
Ratcheting Bit Extender Mod for Leatherman Multi-tools - PlayItHub Largest Videos Hub .
Picture of Make Cutlery for a Leatherman
Leatherman SKELETOOL KB 832385 BLACK Knife Multitool Two tools in one
Leatherman T-Shank Metal Saw? Fits Surge?
... Leatherman Charge TTI Titanium Premium Sheath Tools and knives Black Accessories,best leatherman for edc ...
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Leatherman Wave by Texas Tool Crafters
1:53 diy bit driver Leatherman mod Leatherman Wave
Why I think this is the best multitool ever made
Above is the main show. I've dropped a Rebar head in it (I melted the tip off of the original head shorting it out on my truck like a damn fool).
Here is the review sample:
taiwan camping 台灣露營 leatherman wave mod black tactical
Didn't make the scissors lock open, wasn't needed since in use you press them toward open, and hold them there. I did move the pivot up so they could be cut ...
new leatherman ...
Gerber Dime
Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool: Late To The Party, But I Get It | Everyday Carry (EDC), Survival
new leatherman ...
Leatherman Surge blade adapter mod
[ IMG]
Leatherman wave vs rebar vs wingman vs sidekick
Aaron Cowan at Breach-Bang-Clear gives reviewers the low-down on three popular multi-tools for ARs and shooting in general. Up to task was the Leatherman ...
Leatherman Kick
Leatherman Black Oxide Rebar Multi-Tool
Alright, so what does your hard-earned money get you with this tool? Oh, before I forget: Amazon shows this tool at $43.53 if you are on Amazon Prime.
Benchmade 698-181 Foray Damascus Carbon Fiber Mother of Pearl Handle Knife
Leatherman Surge Core Super Tool 300 Large Flat Driver Part Replacement Or Mod
The Splash - Metro's Ultimate Leatherman Squirt Mod. | Page 17 .
Leatherman Wave Charge Serrated Edge Blade 420HC Replacement Mod
... Leatherman's popular Wave model: The Gerber Gear Center Drive multi-tool (Photo: Gerber)
Customizing your multi-tool
Few years ago I finally found what I really needed, Victorinox Farmer and Leatherman Style PS combo. Before I go further, some of you might not carry such ...
... Texas Tool Crafters Leatherman Mods ...
Leatherman Wave Plain Edge Knife
EDC suit Leatherman WAVE combination tool pliers Glare flashlight outdoor tactics multi-function quick pull
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As one can see - the overall thickness is pretty good, resulting in a strong and solid tool. Now, there is no need to use (and possibly damage) the knife ...
Leatherman Surge Multi Tool
My new Leatherman Wave, and my new slimline sheath ...