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You're dedicating time to blogging but you need to get people to actually read
15 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers! For when your brain just doesn't
5. Use numbered and bulleted lists to have a chance to hit the featured snippet.
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So the easiest solution is simply to specify your Posts page. If you haven't an empty page at hand, just create a new one. In our example it has the title ...
Why Convert Blog Posts into PDFs?
If you are looking for more exposure on your site, it may be time to do a little promotion. Here are five places to promote your blog posts.
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Blog post checklist infographic
Will deleting old posts help or hurt my blog?
Remember when I mentioned getting more organized with blogging? I still haven't mastered having my posts written days ahead of time, but I have managed to ...
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Adding Amazon affiliate links to blog posts doesn't have to be difficult. It
Several years ago, blogging is simply an online diary for most. But as bloggers mushroomed online and internet users exponentially grow, business owners see ...
More substantial posts can also do very well and these can go into several thousand words. That's because there really is that much material to cover and ...
More questions to use when considering your products/services:
Default Blog Avatar - set a default blog avatar. This is the default avatar and it's displayed when the user doesn't have a gravatar set on the email used ...
To help you make sure you've covered all your blogging bases before you hit “post,” I've created a handy infographic outlining the perfect post with some ...
Creating a great blog post isn't difficult. Following a basic structure formula that gives your posts great “bone structure” will give you the ability to ...
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5 tips to save time creating blog posts - because being busy isn't an excuse! Learn how batching + other strategies can make blogging easier.
This is very important because you can't add a clickable link anywhere else on your Instagram profile, not even your posts. See mine below.
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Your blog post has to be high-quality (I can't say that enough). According to Social Media Examiner's report, over half of all marketers agree that unique ...
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What do you do to your blog posts before you hit publish? Do you run
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How to Format and Publish Blog Posts in WordPress, Like a Boss
Need a consistent way to promote your blog posts? Use this essential blog promotion checklist
Blog post inspiration is everywhere – Don't ever be stuck for blog post ideas again!
This tutorial isn't just for Squarespace, the codes will work for Wordpress and other platforms too! But I am going to show you how to create those 'click ...
Don't make this big blogging mistake: asking your audience to come up with
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how to update old blog posts with a featured image on Megan Martin Creative
Are you wanting to write sponsored posts on your blog? Here's the ultimate guide to
7 tips for blogging regularly
Q: I have had a few enquiries from brands lately about doing sponsored posts, but I have no idea how much I should be charging? I don't want to under charge ...
Unfortunately, HR bloggers all over the world copy my moderately successful style as a means to hack their way to success. But, my dear friends, that won't ...
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4 Easy Steps to SEO for blog posts! Don't let your WordPress blog
Content Marketing Tips: You Don't Need Just Blog Posts!
Why Your Blog Post Content and Website Copy Shouldn't Be About You
How long does it take to write a blog post?
Syndicated Posts Example
Mike Stelzner of SMMW and Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing World both provide recent research data that is widely used in conference blog posts.
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Blog Posts vs. Email Newsletters...Do You Need Both? • Simple & Soulful • Squarespace Design & Professional Website Copy
When developing a new post always think about its usefulness first, and then your profit and so on. Don't publish content that is used everywhere on the ...
Clicking one of these links takes a viewer directly to that blog post. Each post is also posted on your Timeline automatically (if you choose automatic ...
The footer section of a blog post with callouts to key information - about the author
... articles per month generate five times more Web traffic than companies that don't blog at all, and those that blog 9-15 times per month generate three ...
Apprntly blog posts *are* valuable → Fiske op-ed: pic → Blog post: …
... display your blog posts on a grid. The posts will be displayed on a 2 columns grid if the page has a sidebar and on a 3 columns grid if it doesn't .
Don't write like a robot just for SEO. The best way to rank
Write better blog posts faster with these wordpress keyboard shortcuts
8 Controversial Posts
Want more views and higher engagement on your blog posts? Using images in your blog
If you have been creating other blog posts and tags to re-use a tag click on the link to Choose from the most used tags and click on the tags which apply to ...
Once you've installed the plugin, scroll to the bottom of your post and you'll see this (easy to use) SEO screen when you click “edit snippet.”
The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Blog & a Regular Posting Schedule infographic
How to dictate blog posts with Google Docs |
Last week ...
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SEO Techniques For Blog Posts (Infographic)
Now, you don't have to get that specific with it, but it gives you an idea. Chances are, you should be using more images in your post than you are now.
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Ever feel like you can't overcome that blank word document and consistently write blog
I actually wasn't going to post anything today (today being Sunday) because last week I weekend blogged and I already posted something yesterday - I've got ...
LinkedIn is an interesting social network, because it didn't start out as a social network the same way most of the rest of the usual suspects did.
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25 Common Reasons People Aren't Reading Your Blog Posts
#3 Don't put so much pressure on yourself when writing blog posts.
Blog Post Checklist: 14 to Do Before You Hit Pubilsh | If you're
4 Ways You Can Start Writing Better Blog Posts Immediately by Karon Thackston
Bloggers: Why You Must Disclose Sponsorship, and Readers: Why Not All Sponsored Posts ...
Blogging Won't Be Difficult To Learn Some Things About Making a blog could be ...
On the other hand, optimizing blog posts means more people can see your company. The better your ranking, the more visitors you bring in.
If you don't want to send the same thing every week, don't worry. Just leave “send emails automatically” unchecked, and you'll get a notification when your ...
However, getting reader interaction isn't always easy. Here are a few tried and true strategies for getting more interaction on your articles and blogs.
post is the most powerful and successful type of content you can produce, especially since they usually constitute evergreen content.
Use Microsoft PowerPoint to convert the blog into videos
Blog Posts - Erik T. Johnson: Fiction (Often SpecFic), Poetry (Usually Not), Songwriting, Singing, Illustration, and Lowly High Priest of the Alphabet Gods ...